Review, Guest Post and Blog Hop Policy

I suppose I need one of these, because otherwise I’m going to get a billion review requests not at all tailored toward me, so here’s the scoop.


I have a to-be-read list as long as my…well, I’d say arm, but it’s longer than that. And it’s not even a list, it’s multiple lists over multiple Google Docs.

I very seldom accept a pitch. However, I can’t say I WON’T accept a pitch. So I’m not going to say I won’t accept your review request; just don’t be surprised if I turn you down.

Things I like: literary fiction, young adult, fantasy, horror, graphic novels. Things I don’t: badly written anything, anything sexist (especially humor), bodice-rippy romances, erotica.

If you’ve read some of my reviews and you’re all “holy crap, she’d be perfect for my book” give me a shot. If you are blindly emailing everyone, you’re going to get shot down, and I can’t guarantee I won’t mock you. Probably I won’t, but no guarantees. Seriously.

I know I should be using Netgalley but I can’t make it play nice with my Kindle and also it was too much pressure so I ragequit it months ago and refuse to go back. Sorry, Netgalley.

Also, I refuse to lie about a book in a review. If you’re emailing me to review your book, and I for some reason accept it, and I think it sucks, I’m telling everyone that. I can’t look myself in the mirror if I read a book and review it positively if I thought it was terrible. It’s not who I am.

I also can’t guarantee a timeline when I will review your book. I have some I’m over a year behind on. I will get to them, but I make no guarantees. If you need it ASAP, you need to tell me that, and we’ll talk about it.


I love to guest post, so please ask; if I like your blog, I’d be happy to talk to you about it.

I haven’t decided on guest posts here, but if I do, I’ll let people know. If you think you have just the best, sparkliest idea for a guest post here, hit me up. Who knows what will happen? Life is a glorious cycle of song, you know? (Brownie points for getting that quote without Googling.)


Again, maybe. Haven’t had much luck with them in the past, but I don’t like to close doors on things. Hit me up if you think you have a good idea I’d be a great fit for.

If you’ve read all this and STILL feel you want to email me a pitch/request/guest post idea, I’m at burningthebridgesblog at gmail dot com. (And also, kudos for reading all this. You’re stick-to-it-ive. I like that in a human.)



    • lucysfootball

      I don’t know that anyone ever really reads blog hops except the author of the book that’s being blogged about and their friends, maybe? But I might be wrong about that.

      Thank you! I’m so excited, eee!

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