In Which I Say Hi and Such.

I think it’d be funny if I just said hi, and that was the whole post. “HI!” and…we’re done here.

I think real blogs start with an introductory post, right? Kind of a “who I am, what this is” thingy. I didn’t do that on my last blog because I didn’t know how to blog when I started that blog; I just dove right in like a total know-nothing weirdo. I’m still a weirdo, but at least now I know a little more. Maybe.

So, hi. I’m Amy. (I’m guessing most of you know that? If you don’t, here’s me looking puckish.) I’ve been reviewing books for a couple of years (and reading since I was two – thanks for teaching me to read so early, Mom!) and recently made the decision to start my own review blog. Which, in case you need further clarification, is this. Here. What you’re reading. I’m helpful, right? Right.

For previous reviews, you can check the “other places to read me” tab: all my other reviews are handily collected there for you, along with some other literary-related goodness posted elsewhere. I also review, sometimes at length, sometimes not-so-much-at-length, over at Goodreads; you’re welcome to send me a friend request there, if you’d like to do so. I’m keeping an eye on the current Amazon purchase of Goodreads and the subsequent censorship of their reviewers, however, and don’t know how long I’ll actually be reviewing over there; that’s part of the reason I’m blogging here. It’s like my own personal Goodreads, only no one tells me I can’t talk about how the author’s rampant homophobia has bearing on my enjoyment of the novel at hand.

So, what to expect here?

Not sure yet, to be honest.

Reviews? Yep. Ramblings about literary things? Probably. Random ravings about how much I love E. E. Cummings? I’m thinking that’s something that could most likely happen. Memes and blog hops and lists and things of that nature? Not sure; leaning toward no, but I don’t like to rule things out, so it’s more of a “eh, I guess it could happen?”

The plan is to keep this space my bookish space, and my other blog my…well, what has my other blog always been, my OTHER-stuff blog. No rhyme or reason over there, to be honest. Who runs that place, it’s a mess.

So we’ll see, is what I’m saying. I think every blog has to kind of evolve, so we’ll see what becomes of this space. And that’s where you come in. The readers and commenters are as much a part of the blog as the person writing it; please comment away. I love the comment section. (And I’m one of those obnoxious bloggers who likes to actually RESPOND to comments. I know! Insane, right?)

Welcome, bookish people, and curious people who are here because I totally was all “I HAVE A NEW BLOG GO SEE IT” on my regular blog, and people who like to crane their necks at car crashes on the highway and subsequently slow down traffic behind them; you are all welcome here. Let’s see what we get up to ’round these here parts, what do you say?

First review goes up in an hour. Hope you love it.



  1. cynthiaw

    HA – and now I was able to circumvent the whole issue by clicking the Follow thingy under my last post. So there, WordPRess.

    • lucysfootball

      Aw, yay! Thank you! I’m so glad people seem excited. Because I am TOTALLY excited. I’ve been sitting on this for a while and waiting for just the right book to kick it all off with a bang!

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